Timeshare Transfers

Alliance Resort Group’s sister company, Alliance Resort Transfer is one of the industry leading timeshare transfer companies in the country. We only use ethical and moral methods for relieving you of your unwanted timeshare. We have a Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker on staff that handles all of your transfer needs from initial paperwork to closing. We have successfully transferred thousands of properties for hard working clients like YOU!

Several recent scams have presented themselves in the timeshare industry. If you receive a unsolicited call from someone claiming to be RCI, ARDA, or your resort, you should report that phone call to your resort. These companies do not solicit owners. If you receive a phone call from someone claiming to have a buyer for your timeshare, you should not have to pay any upfront “listing fee” or “closing cost” to receive proceeds from the “sale” of your timeshare. The truth behind the resale market is, there is no resale value for the majority of timeshares. If you have questions regarding a company contacting you regarding selling or renting your timeshare, give us a call 800.249.0521 and we can give you our expert opinions on the validity of the offer.  

This exhibit is from the FTC’S consumer website. 

Timeshare Resalce Scam

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